Move to Greece

So I’ve been here just over 3 Months now and I’m settling in quite well. Took a trip to Thessaloniki last weekend and stayed over for the night. Found an awesome cafe called ‘The Loco Bus’ which was right next to the hotel (Andromeda) The main attraction of this cafe, (apart from the food) is an antique bus right inside the cafe which you can sit inside and eat if you wish. The inside has been redesigned with seats and tables and has a cozy feel about it.

We opted to sit outside and enjoy the easy listening piped music from bygone eras and look at the walls adorned with famous old movie stars and the lyrics of songs from years gone by. The seats were comfy and spacious enough. The service was a little slow but not bad enough to complain about. The food was cooked beautifully. I had a beefburger and it was one of the biggest and tastiest I’ve ever had. Rena had the ribs and jacket potato. The ribs were plentiful and stacked high on the plate.

Later that evening we visited a newly opened Irish bar, ‘The Dubliner’ and had a beautiful draft pint (or 6) of Kilkenny Irish beer. The beer was on form lovely and cold and smooth going down. We had traditional fish and chips, (just like they make back home in Britain) which were covered in beer batter – Truly scrumptious!

We enjoyed the live music and friendly atmosphere and truth be told we couldn’t have had a nicer welcome anywhere else. The staff just couldn’t do enough to please you and would often spare a few moments to have a friendly chat.

The next morning we returned for the Irish breakfast. Boy was this good! Cooked to perfection and plenty of it, I could hardly move after eating it. The owner, Ken came across and wished us a safe journey just after our breakfast. All-in-All we had a super time and have already plans to make an extended visit for 4 nights over Halloween as there is a special event going on there that we’d like to see.


Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how that went in a little while.

Move to Greece

So we moved from the UK to Greece finally arriving here on July 2nd.

Lots of adventures since then including spending many hours haggling with officials trying to get internet connection set up – But hey! What’s life without a few challenges?

On a plus note the weather has been excellent if not a little too warm at times. The locals are friendly and will help you out wherever they can. Oh and I’ve found the most wonderful food here, ‘crab croquettes’ simply gorgeous! (strange they don’t seem to have potato croquettes??)

I just learned yesterday that a very good friend of mine passed away suddenly in the UK. A mention goes out to Jeff Snaith a real top guy so please give him a mention in your prayers.

I’ll next check in in a week or 2 but for now its ta ta from me